Improve your bottom line

Whether selling your PTFE scrap or buying like-new PTFE, working with Reprolon just makes sense. Earn money for your scrap and save money by buying a high-quality PTFE product at half the cost of virgin.

High-performance products

With Reprolon, you’ll never sacrifice performance for cost. We specially formulate our Grade 1 PTFE and micropowders to match your application needs in our state-of-the-art Texas-based facility.

Reduce waste

We buy scrap PTFE from manufacturers and brokers and recycle it back into high-quality products. Reprolon benefits the environment and our clients by recycling unwanted scrap materials; thereby, reducing landfill waste and passing the savings on to you.

The Right Product For Your Needs

Our products are manufactured to meet ASTM standards and specific customer requirements.

Scrap Recycling

As one of the largest PTFE recyclers in the world, Reprolon Texas is always looking for new sources of PTFE scrap.