Reprolon Texas is a world leader in PTFE recycling, known for our expertise in processing and repurposing PTFE scrap. Our dedication to sustainability motivates us to innovate and refine our recycling methods, converting PTFE waste into valuable raw materials efficiently. By doing so, we support environmental conservation and meet the rising demand for recycled PTFE products. We actively seek new sources of PTFE scrap to expand our recycling initiatives and enhance our contributions to a greener future.

Reprolon Texas Purchasing & Grading Criteria for PTFE Scrap

Grade 1 Scrap

Grade 1 Scrap includes clean items fabricated from virgin granular PTFE molding powders, unmodified by pigments or fillers. Typical examples are: cores; cracked billets and preforms; rod, tube, and sheet ends; chucking stub; out-of-tolerance and obsolete parts; heavy tape punchings and trimmings; and exceptionally clean machine turnings uncontaminated by oil.

Grade 2 Scrap

Grade 2 Scrap includes items similar to Grade 1 Scrap; however, the products may be fabricated from partially or totally reprocessed PTFE, with some easily removable contamination allowable.

Grade 3 Scrap

Grade 3 Scrap includes etched, degraded virgin, or reprocessed PTFE. Items with deeply embedded contaminants such as rusty valve seats and gaskets, wire and cable jackets, oil contaminated machine turnings and the like.

Unusable Scrap

Unusable Scrap is extremely difficult to remove excessive amounts of oil and contaminants from some machine turnings and other types of scrap. Proper care of these contaminated products should be exercised during their collection and storage. Any overly contaminated scrap, particularly oily pieces, will greatly reduce its value and may downgrade the entire container as unusable. Freight charges on unusable scrap will be deducted from the value of the usable scrap.

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