PTFE Lubricant Additives

Reprolon is capable of manufacturing powders from 2360-150 micron. From thousands of pounds to small samples, we can efficiently manufacture your lubricant additive while maintaining quality.


A 100% pure Polytetrafluoroethylene off-white to gray flake powder. It has extremely low COF as well as excellent anti-stick properties. It produces high-quality tribological and lubrication properties. (Coarse Powders)


A 100% pure Polytetrafluoroethylene white to off-white granular powder. It has an extremely low COF as well as anti-stick properties. Perfect for grease applications, purge powder for extruders, and braided packing. (Semi Fine Powder)

Flake 500

A Grade 3 product which consists of PTFE flake particles. The Flake 500 is a 99% recycled Polytetrafluoroethylene product. Suitable for thread sealants, oil thickeners, and various grease applications. (Fine Powder)

PLEASE NOTE: We can custom process PTFE powders to your specifications.